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Terms of Semantics

From the “just throwing it out there” dept. in cooperation with the “I’m too lazy to do some research into existing efforts” dept. It is generally known that people rarely read all terms of use and privacy statements of all involved parties providing a service. South Park used that knowledge as a storyline in The […]

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Response to “Three reasons why the Semantic Web has failed”

Posted on as a comment (but at the time of posting it is still awaiting moderation). I’d like to disagree with most of the article. Your argument “the Semantic Web has failed” does not follow from your “reasons”. Sure, I’m pretty familiar with the Semantic Web and able to understand RDF (really, it’s not […]

Linked (Open) Data Meta Technology

My Linked Data publishing ‘platform’

Among the goals I had in mind for were to publish (parts of) my family tree so that others can benefit from it (without being bound to specific collaborative genealogy websites), and to play around with linked data (i.e. having a webspace to publish my own ‘minted’ URIs with data). I believe the second […]