Now with Dublin Core and translations!

As a fan of semantics on the web, I couldn’t let it happen that my own blog posts don’t have at least some basic metadata. Thanks to the Dublin Core for WordPress plugin, the basic metadata (title, author, publication date, language of the post, etc.) is now automatically inserted into all the blog posts. See for yourself under “View Page Info”.

I was proud to see the metadata all there. Except for language, because even for Dutch posts, it was “en-US” (American English). There didn’t appear to be any options to change that language, turn off the inclusion of language metadata, let alone setting the language per post.

But plugins exist for that too. I chose Polylang after reading its description. Per post I now set the language of the post and what other post contains the translation (if there is any). Category names and the blog’s tagline now also have translations. I’m still getting used to the new navigation around the blog (on your first visit the blog language is probably determined by your preferred language settings) and having to write posts twice. Don’t expect me to add a third language.